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'The Jolly Sailor Inn'

Home of Miner Quay

Miner Quay started life as small group of friend's meeting very couple of weeks in a public house in Looe singing for their own enjoyment Sea Shanties, Fishing and Cornish Mining songs. The original venue was a small bar with little if any room for listeners much depended on how many singers turned up, so it was decided to find a new venue with more space and with the necessary entertainments licence.  So it was, a move was made to West Looe in 2005 to our present home very appropriately named 'The Jolly Sailor'.

We were now meeting once a week in the public bar and our host and landlord Stuart encouraged the use of a larger and more suitable room. During the summer season we started to attract visitors who wanted something different to the usual karaoke wide screen TV's that seem to dominate a lot of venues.

As a group our numbers have fluctuated in the past due to other commitments, some members drifted away some have moved from the area. It was sitting in the bar one evening with just a couple of members and an audience of about forty people that we decided we need to rethink the future. On that occasion we where fortunate that there were several enthusiastic singers in the audience who loved the opportunity to sing and share folk songs from their part of the country. From that night on it was decided invite other singers to our weekly session and change it to an ‘Open Acoustic’ evening  with a range of music from Shanties, Sea Songs, Fishing Songs, Cornish Mining Songs, Traditional & Contemporary Folk and Blues, just depends on who turns up.

The Shanty Group had at this time started to take a back seat however with the request to sing shanties at a local regatta it was decided to start a practice session on a Thursday evening in the Jolly Sailor. With the start of the tourist season very soon we had an audience so practice nights turned into a performance evening, with suggestions from visitors we have produced 'chorus & response' sheets, tell people about the shanties, their origins and the work they were used for.

Apart from Shanty Sessions every Thursday and an Open Acoustic evening every Tuesday Miner Quay perform at festivals, local events &  private functions

For me it has been very satisfying to have a group of friends who just love to sing and entertain, who are committed to keeping alive these lovely old sailors work songs, our sea and fishing songs. I thank each and everyone of them for their support and commitment.


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